About AC Wellman

Since our founding in 1902, AC Wellman has become the largest producer of X-ray marking and measuring devices in the world. AC Wellman sets the standard for the entire industry.

AC Wellman has provided quality, service, and value to our customers since 1902. From our roots as a pattern shop, we have evolved into what we are today. Our three primary product lines, as diverse as they may seem, are rooted in the pattern industry. Providing patterns to the foundry industry led us to the design, finishing, and restoration of bronze and aluminum plaques as the primary source of business. Over the years we developed other signage offerings and expertise.

AC Wellman’s Product Lines:

Pattern letters from AC Wellman are available in a broad variety of fonts, styles, and sizes. We have many in stock and ready to ship, and we can custom-make patterns, trademarks, and logos to meet your specifications. As in everything we do, quality is our top priority.

AC Wellman produces a wide range of X-ray and medical products including digital X-ray markers, position indicators, plastic & aluminum X-ray markers, unmounted lead letters, X-ray rulers, and specialty products such as copper filtered X-ray markers and oncology markers.

AC Wellman is a trusted source for historic plaque restoration and production. Our work with custom, high-quality bronze and aluminum plaques has proven our commitment to craftsmanship, personalized service, and attention to detail. We love creating and restoring plaques that make a statement for decades.

A Timeline of AC Wellman’s History


All-Craft Wellman Products rebrands as AC Wellman
The company’s new website launches along with its new name and brand, AC Wellman. As a world class company that has been setting the standard in X-ray markers, it was time for a modern website that was user and mobile friendly. The new site displays all three of AC Wellman’s divisions along with a wider selection of X-ray products and services.


AC Wellman acquires the Radiology Marker Business of Nashville based Techno-Aide Inc.
On September 24, 2021, we completed the acquisition of the Radiology Marker Business of Nashville based Techno-Aide. We are very excited to bring together two of the finest product lines in the X-ray marking and measuring industry. We are very proud to represent the global industry standard in the marking and measuring of X-rays. Our vision is to continue to provide and innovate the highest quality devices used in the marking and measuring of X-rays.


AC Wellman continues innovation
AC Wellman adds Precision Machined, ImageCast, Photo Etched, and Alumicolor plaques to our product offerings. We have also added environmentally friendly Lead-Free Embedded X-ray Markers and Lead-Free Pattern Letters and Logos in our small casting division.


Sam Wellman renamed the company
Sam renamed the company All-Craft Wellman Products, Inc., and moved it to a new manufacturing facility in Willoughby, Ohio. By the 1990s, under the guidance of his son, Gil, the company added computer engraved plaques, plastic & metal architectural letters, and medical X-ray markers to its product line.


Samuel Wellman began manufacturing high quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques
William’s son, Samuel Wellman, used the company’s pattern letter expertise and his own experience at a former bronze plaque company, to begin manufacturing high quality bronze and aluminum tablets. With a background in writing and professional experience in design, Sam created well-designed plaques that were both aesthetically pleasing and expressed the thoughts of his customers.


William Wellman started the Wellman Products Company
William Wellman started the Wellman Products Company to furnish high quality supplies to the pattern and foundry industry. One of those products was white metal pattern letters, used to identify foundry castings. Utilizing a special casting process, the company manufactured letters that became recognized as some of the finest white metal letters in the United States.

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