Cast bronze plaques are used for the most prestigious awards for people who are truly tops in their fields. By combining cast or other types of plaques with walnut backgrounds, we can build a custom plaque that enhances your award presentation. Looking for the perfect award plaque design? Below are a few custom award plaque examples.




Our Plaques

When it comes to sports awards, academic awards, or awards for company recognition, All-Craft Wellman is able to create the perfect custom award plaque for your occasion. We create our award plaques with a variety of materials while also offering you the ability to craft your own award plaque design.

Our plaques are used for diverse reasons in order to recognize someone for their achievements. From award plaques to memorial plaques and everything in between, we are able to create that special moment for someone with every plaque. The types of plaques that we offer include:

Our award plaques are able to be created in any of the materials or options that are offered above, while we can also supply customizable award plaque designs specific to your special occasion.

Our Services

In addition to our custom award plaques, our other services include restoration, custom logos, and custom pattern making. Do you have an old plaque that need to be refurbished? Our plaque restoration capabilities allow us to clean the plaque, make any repairs, and repaint or repolish it.

We also offer custom logos and custom pattern making options. All-Craft Wellman has the ability to create custom awards in aluminum, bronze, pewter and soft white metals. We pride ourselves on being able to create and deliver quality solutions with attention to detail in every project.

Do you need assistance with funding your plaque for your special achievement? All-Craft Wellman offers crowdfunding to ensure the success of your project and create a lasting memory. Reach out to us today to schedule a call!

Our Other Award Plaque Options

While we do create custom award plaques, we are also here to assist with your other plaque desires. There are many reasons to celebrate and recognize someone for those monumental moments in their life, and we want to help you commemorate such moments.

Our plaques are often used for purposes such as:

Check out the complete list of uses that our plaques have been created for and see all the opportunities you have for recognition, commemoration, and more.

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All-Craft Wellman is known for producing plaques that are of the highest quality while providing a personalized service that pays attention to the details. Our team works closely with our customers in order to supply plaques perfect for any event.

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