Plaques for Building Dedication and Identification

All-Craft Wellman can create a building plaque to boldly identify a building, recognize those involved in its construction, and serve as a centerpiece for it’s dedication!



Business Identification

Our Custom Plaques for Buildings

When it comes to custom plaques for buildings, All-Craft Wellman creates the best building dedication and identification plaques for you. Our plaques come in a variety of available materials, and we also offer you the ability to create your own custom designs.

Honor the memory of an important individual, commemorate substantial achievements, or recognize a space of historical significance with plaques for buildings. These plaques are the perfect way to pay tribute to someone or something of note. We are able to create something special for you! The types of plaques that we have to offer include:

  • Cast – These plaques are available in both bronze and aluminum, and feature raised, satin-polished letters and designs, polished borders, and a dark textured background.

  • Portrait – From dimensional bas-relief portrait plaques to low-cost metal photo images, we create various types of portrait plaques.

  • Etched – Etched plaques are ideal for small lettering and available in different metals and thicknesses.

  • Engraved – We engrave on brass, aluminum, and acrylic plaques to create individual nameplates or recognition displays.

  • Precision Tooled – We manufacture these plaques on solid bronze or aluminum plates, and we can supply them in less time and at a reasonable cost.

  • Alumicolor – These plaques are produced by printing and sealing highly stable color dyes into flat anodized aluminum.

Our plaques for building dedication can be crafted in any of these materials or options, so you can create the perfect design for your purposes.

Other Plaque Dedication Options

In addition to plaques for buildings, we have various other options to meet different occasions. No matter what the occasion is, we can accommodate you.

We’ve supplied products for uses such as:

Our Services

To help deliver the highest-quality solutions for your special events, we have other services to offer you. These include:

  • Plaque restoration – If you have an old plaque that needs refurbished, we can carefully clean it, make minor repairs, repaint the background, and repolish the lettering and bordering.

  • Custom pattern making and custom logos – Our team creates customized plaques in bronze, aluminum, pewter, and soft white materials. We provide solutions that are high quality and detailed to meet your specifications.

  • Crowdfunding – If your project does not have a funding source, our Fund My Plaque program will help you in your fundraising efforts.

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Are you in need of customized plaques for your special occasions? Look no further, because All-Craft Wellman has the solutions you are seeking. From plaques for buildings to machinery nameplates, we pay close attention to detail and will deliver the best products for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our plaques and additional services!