Corporate Plaques and Government Plaques

The classic beauty and durability of cast metal makes it an especially appropriate medium for official insignia. Our plaques are customized for any type of special recognition, and you can see some of our corporate plaques and government plaques below.

City Logos



Applications for Corporate Plaques and Government Plaques

There are so many potential applications for our plaques, but some possibilities in the corporate or governmental sectors include:

  • Building dedication and information plaques
  • Plaques featuring company logos or government seals
  • Official city, county, or state markers
  • Directional markers
  • Military recognition plaques
  • Honorary plaques for notable employees

Our Plaques

When it comes to creating that special moment of recognition, All-Craft Wellman can fulfill all of your plaque needs. By choosing us as your dedicated plaque manufacturer, you are ensured high-quality products, personalized service, and close attention to detail with every plaque.

Our corporate plaques and government plaques are available in a variety of materials and styles, including:

  • Cast – Offered in both bronze or aluminum alloys, our cast plaques feature raised, satin-polished letters, borders, and dark, textured backgrounds.

  • Portrait – Our portrait plaques can be created as dimensional bas-relief portrait plaques, low-cost metal photo images, and can also come in alumicolor or sublimated color images.

  • Etched – All-Craft Wellman etched plaques are available in a variety of metals and thicknesses, with either raised lettering polished with a contrasting color background, or recessed with a polished surface and colored filled lettering.

  • Engraved – We engrave on brass, aluminum, and acrylic plates to identify, recognize, and honor individuals.

  • Precision tooled – Created by machining solid bronze or aluminum plates, these plaques are able to be manufactured in less time and with a lower cost.

  • Alumicolor – These plaques are created by printing and sealing highly stable color dyes into a flat anodized aluminum, which lets you print four-color images into the aluminum.

If you are trying to decide which material is best for your occasion, our team is available to offer guidance throughout the process. We know we have the perfect solution for your occasion or purpose!

Additional Plaque Options from All-Craft Wellman

In addition to our custom corporate plaques and our custom government plaques, we offer a variety of plaques for many special occasions and types of recognitions. We are the chosen plaque manufacturer for the following:

Do you have a different occasion that you would like to create a plaque for? Our team will work closely with you to create the perfect custom plaque for you.

All-Craft Wellman Services

Being a leader within the industry includes manufacturing the plaques, as well as taking care of them too. Therefore, we offer additional services for your corporate plaques and government plaques, which includes restoration, custom logos, and custom pattern making.

Do you have an old plaque that needs to be refurbished or are you looking to create one with custom logos or patterns? All-Craft Wellman has you covered across the board.

In addition to these services, we also offer crowdfunding if you are searching for assistance with funding your plaque for a special achievement or recognition. We take pride in offering these services as well as continuing to create and deliver quality solutions with every project.

Contact Us for Your Custom Corporate Plaques

With our team of industry experts, we have remained a leading plaque manufacturer for over 110 years.

Reach out to our team in order to create the perfect, custom corporate plaque or custom government plaque for a special recognition.  We look forward to helping create a special moment with you!