Custom Engraved Plaques

We will engrave on brass, aluminum, and acrylic plates to provide you a cost-effective way to identify, recognize and honor individuals. Plus, we can engrave individual nameplates, or create recognition displays for annual achievements.

Identify achievement with an engraved nameplate.

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Our Custom Engraved Plaques

Whether it’s an award plaque, memorial plaque, or college plaque, All-Craft Wellman can create custom engraved plaques for any of your needs. No matter the occasion, we offer you the ability to craft your own designs on a variety of materials.

With our years of experience in the industry, customers come to us for premium engraved plaques to commemorate monumental moments and people, and we’ve supplied products for:

When it comes to All-Craft Wellman engraved plaques, there are many opportunities for you to receive the products you want. We are dedicated to meeting your needs!

Our Types of Plaques

Not only do we provide custom engraved plaques, but we have a list of other solutions that will help you to find the right fit. The types of plaques we offer include:

  • Cast – Available in aluminum and bronze, these plaques feature raised satin-polished letters, borders, and dark, textured backgrounds.

  • Portrait – We produce multiple types of portrait plaques including dimensional bas-relief and low-cost metal photo images.

  • Etched – These plaques are best suitable for small lettering and are available in a variety metals and thicknesses.

  • Precision tooled – Made by machining solid bronze or aluminum plates, these plaques are produced in less time and at a lower cost.

  • Alumicolor – For these, we print and seal highly stable color dyes into flat anodized aluminum.

Our variety of materials and options for your plaque solutions are endless. At All-Craft Wellman, we can create customized products for any of your special occasions.

Not sure which type is for you? Reach out to our team today for help finding the perfect solution.

Our Services

In addition to our custom engraved plaques, we have various services to help deliver you the highest-quality solutions for your occasions. These services include:

  • Plaque restoration – If you have an old plaque that needs refurbished, no problem. We carefully clean the plaque, make minor repairs, repaint the background, and repolish the lettering. We help your plaque look like new!

  • Custom logos and custom pattern making – We create custom engraved plaques in bronze, aluminum, pewter, and soft white materials. We will deliver detailed and quality solutions.

  • Crowdfunding – Many projects and special achievements do not have a funding source. We have created a Fund My Plaque program to assist you in fundraising efforts. Our crowdfunding process will ensure the success of your project.

Contact All-Craft Wellman for Your Engraved Plaques

If you are looking for customized products that are handcrafted to meet your needs, All-Craft Wellman has the solutions for you. With over 110 years of experience, we know how to deliver the highest-quality products that pay attention to detail. We are proud to produce plaques with such distinction!

Contact us today to learn more about our engraved plaques and additional services. We look forward to working with you.