AC Wellman has Decades of Experience in Designing Historic and Recognition Signage

Many communities across the United States have rich histories, local accomplishments and historic districts. Let our expert design team assist in developing a program tailored to your community’s specific requirements.

Contact us and we’ll help you develop the right plaque program and design criteria.

AC Wellman Will Help You Make the Right Decisions Regarding Historic Plaques

Historic plaque uses to consider:

  • Post Sign at Entrance to Historic District (2 Sided) – These are typically made of Aluminum and painted to your specification.

  • Location Signage with Map

  • National Historic Registry Plaques

  • Century Home Plaques

  • Site Specific or Location of Event Plaques

  • Memorial or Dedication Plaques

  • Themed Building Identification Plaques

  • Municipal and Other Government Identification Logos

  • Interior & Exterior Applications

Types of Historic Plaques:

  • Broze Plaques

  • Aluminum Plaques

  • Faux Bronze Finish

  • Engraved Plaques – Usually used for interior applications

  • Etched Plaques

  • Metal Letters

  • Wood & Composite

  • Statuary

Getting Started

Many communities will use sponsorship to fund things such as benches, memorials for war heroes, long time civil servants. It’s a great way to involve the community in the recognition and beautification process. AC Wellman can assist in your fundraising efforts. Let us know if you’d like assistance with fundraising!