Mammography: Mark-Fast Markers

  • All legends are specified by the American College of Radiology. Custom legends available.
  • Solid lead letters embedded in laminated acrylic which is color-coded to aid in proper sequential placement. (Colors: R-Red, L-Blue, M-Tan, RM/RL-Celadon Green, Other Legends-Gray)
  • White letters and matte faces enhance readability.
  • Available with plastic (standard) or aluminum backing.

Hanging Hole Style

  • Legends can be placed closer together using this style.
  • This set is designed for those who prefer to hold markers with adhesive tape.
  • This set comes with a high quality Maple/Formica™ L-hook storage board. An optional nameplate is also available.
  • Size of markers: 1-11/32″ high
  • Size of storage board:
    • Without Nameplate: 4-1/4″ x 10-1/4″
    • With Nameplate: 5-1/4″ x 10-1/4″
Cat. No. Description
MMF517 Complete set of markers with hook board
MMF617 Markers with hook holes without board
MMB002 Storage hook board only
MMF501 Single replacement marker with ACR legend
MIF501 Initial Marker (1-3 characters)
MMB004 Optional nameplate for hook board

Suction Cup Style

  • Replaceable suction cups eliminate sticky tape or hard-to-clean Velcro™.
  • Markers adhere firmly to the compression paddle, yet can be easily removed.
  • Available with a smooth acrylic storage board.
  • Replacement suction cups, individual markers, and technologist initial markers are available.
  • Size of markers: 1-11/32″ high with 3/4″ suction cups
  • Size of storage board: 4″ X 10″
Cat. No. Description
MMF117 Complete set of suction cup markers with storage board
MMF017 Set of suction cup markers without storage board
MMF201 Single replacement suction cup marker
MMB001 Storage board for suction cup markers
MSC017 17 replacement suction cups
MSC001 Single replacement suction cup
MIF011 Initial marker (1-3 characters)

Mark-Fast Initial Markers

  • Number Markers meet ACR recommendation for dedicated unit number (radiopaque).
  • We will also create custom markers that indicate such factors as mAs, kV, compression force, compressed breast thickness, degree of obliquity, etc.
Cat. No. Description
MIF011 With suction cup, 1-3 characters (bright green)
MIF501 With hanging hole, 1-3 characters (bright green)
MSC001 Replacement suction cup

Most storage boards come with pre-drilled holes and mounting screws for easy installation.

  • Formica is a registered trademark of Bollock Industries, Inc.
  • Velcro is a registered trademark of Velcro USA, Inc.

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