Mammography: Mark-Well Markers

  • ACR specified legends.
  • Available with hanging holes or replaceable suction cups.
  • Solid lead letters are enclosed in red or blue acrylic plastic and are colored white for greater visibility.
  • These markers are an ideal choice when you require only a few legends, or want the convenience of pre-configured legends.
  • Available with plastic (standard) or aluminum backing. Add “-A” to the end of catalog number for aluminum-backed markers.

Hanging Hole Style

Cat. No. Description
MMW004 Standard set of 4 markers legends at left
MMW201 Single marker per Standard ACR Views
MMW301 Single markers with other unlisted legends
MMB003 Storage hook board (up to 20 hooks)
NFH020 Optional nameplate for hook board
  • M (Magnification) can be added as a prefix or RL or RM as a suffix to these markers. For example, RMmlo or Lccrl. Please order as an “other unlisted legend”.

Suction Cup Style

Cat. No. Description
MMW104 Standard set of 4 markers at left
MMW211 Single marker per Standard ACR Views
MMW311 Single markers with other unlisted legends
MMB001 Storage board for suction cup markers
MSC001 Single replacement suction cup

Extra Long Mark-Well Markers

Cat. No. Description
MML004 Set of 4 standard views
MML001 Single marker with ACR views
MSC101 Large replacement suction cup

Mark-Well Combined View / Initial Markers

  • The Combined View/Initial Markers combine ACR-approved legends with initials in one marker.
  • The initials are separated from the legend to avoid confusion.
Cat. No. Description
MMW401 Combined View/Initial Mammo Marker with Hanging Hole
MMW411 Combined View/Initial Mammo Marker with Suction Cup

Mark-Well Initial Markers

  • All initial markers meet ACR requirements for technologist identification on each mammogram.
Cat. No. Description
MIW001 With hanging hole, 1-3 characters
MIW004 With hanging hole, 4-8 characters
MIW011 With suction cup, 1-3 characters
MIW014 With suction cup, 4-8 characters

Mark-Well Number Markers

  • Number Markers meet ACR recommendation for dedicated unit number (radiopaque).
  • We will also create custom markers that indicate such factors as mAs, kV, compression force, compressed breast thickness, degree of obliquity, etc.
Cat. No. Description
MNW001 Mark-Well Number Marker with Hanging Hole

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