Mark-Clear Left and Right Markers

  • These are our highest-quality markers.
  • Bright white letters and a contrasting matte color background make the legends easy to read.
  • The solid, thick letters make these legends very legible on X-ray film.
  • The precision computer-generated placement of each letter makes these markers look more professional.
Legends With Hole With Marker Foot™ Tape Without Hole or Tape
L FCL001 FCL101 FCL201
R FCR001 FCR101 FCR201
L & R FCP001 FCP101 FCP201
L with one digit FCL002 FCL102 FCL202
R with one digit FCR002 FCR102 FCR202
L & R with one digit FCP002 FCP102 FCP202
L with two digits FCL003 FCL103 FCL203
R with two digits FCR003 FCR103 FCR203
L & R with two digits FCP003 FCP103 FCP203
L with three digits FCL004 FCL104 FCL204
R with three digits FCR004 FCR104 FCR204
L & R with three digits FCP004 FCP104 FCP204
Legends With Hole With Marker Foot™ Tape Without Hole or Tape
LEFT with one digit FCL012 FCL112 FCL212
RIGHT with one digit FCR012 FCR112 FCR212
LEFT & RIGHT with one digit FCP012 FCP112 FCP212
LEFT with two digits FCL013 FCL113 FCL213
RIGHT with two digits FCR013 FCR113 FCR213
LEFT & RIGHT with two digits FCP013 FCP113 FCP213
LEFT with three digits FCL014 FCL114 FCL214
RIGHT with three digits FCR014 FCR114 FCR214
LEFT & RIGHT with three digits FCP014 FCP114 FCP214

Vertical Format

  • These markers are backed with vinyl plastic. For aluminum or copper filters, add “-A” or “-C” to the end of our catalog number.
  • Add “-V” for vertical letter format.
  • Standard colors are shown. Custom colors are available. To specify a custom color, add the color code to the end of our catalog number: -BL (Blue) | -BK (Black) | -G (Green) | -NC (No Color) | -R (Red) | -Y (Yellow)

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