Mounted Lead X-ray Letters, Numbers, Arrows, and Words

To order mounted individual characters or words, please indicate:

Letter Size – See previous page for the available sizes of all our letter styles.

Letter Style – See previous page for available letter styles. Unless you specify otherwise, we will mount the Flat Face Style.

Mounting Sizes, Individual Characters – The above are actual-size photographs of our standard mountings. Match your sample to these pictures, and reference the mounting number in your order. If your sample does not match, send us the sample, and we will return it with your order. You may also send sketches with exact dimensions or indicate the name of the channel marker you are using.

Mounting Sizes, Words – You can also use the above pictures and table to order standard mounted words. If your sample does not match any of the above pictures, send a sample, description, or sketch indicating letter style and height. Include the height and width of mounting background, and position of words, if not centered. Unless you indicate otherwise, words of greatest height will be mounted with an equal top and bottom margin; words of lesser height will rest on baseline of those taller words.

Mounting Material – All mountings will be centered on .020″ thick white vinyl plastic, unless your sample, drawing or specified holder indicates otherwise. Industrial style letters will be mounted on black plastic, unless otherwise specified.

Accuracy – Please double-check your order specifications. We will not accept returns for mounted letters or words unless it is due to our error.

We can mount letters on the following materials:

Black Plastic (.030″ or .040″ thick)
Clear Plastic (.020″ or .030″ thick), mounted on the front (standard) or back Aluminum (.016″ thick)
Copper (.006, .016″, .032″ thick)

Specifying Quantity – Please indicate the quantity of each letter, number, arrow or word. For example, “3/8″ Flat Face Letters Mounted on 3/4″ White Plastic (#5 Mounting) 10 each A, B, C, D; 3 each R, L; 5 each 0-9” or “1/2″ Flat Face Words Mounted on 3/4″ High White Plastic, 10 each to read: RIGHT, 5 each to read: LEFT.”
1 3/32″ figure on 5/8″ high plastic
2 1/8″ figure on 5/8″ high plastic
3 3/16″ figure on 5/8″ high plastic
4 1/4″ figure on 3/4″ high plastic
5 3/8″ figure on 3/4″ high plastic
6 1/2″ figure on 3/4″ high plastic
7 5/8″ figure on 13/16″ high plastic
8 3/4″ figure on 1-1/8″ high plastic
9 1″ figure on 1-1/4″ high plastic

Note: Because of the large number of variations in mountings and letter styles, we have many catalog numbers for these options. We suggest you give your dealer a product description similar to the examples under “Specifying Quantity” above. We will indicate the correct catalog number and your dealer’s catalog number on our invoice and packing slip. Our catalog numbers can be located on our current price sheet.

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