Pattern Letters

All-Craft Wellman Products has been making pattern since 1902. Our collection of fonts, styles and sizes is vast. With more than 35 fonts in various sizes we have over 300 different letter patterns to choose from. Additionally, we can custom make patterns in any design and size you choose! Custom made logos and trademarks are part of our services too.

From alphabets, numbers and symbols to logos and trademarks let our team of designers and production experts manage all your pattern needs. Contact us to quote all your pattern letter, trademark and logo needs.

Measuring Standard Letters

Traditionally, certain letter heights are measured from the top of the face to the bottom of the face (see letter “C” in the right margin). Other letters are measured from the center of the top ofthe face to the center of the bottom of the face (Like letter “E”). We’ve coded all the letter styles in this catalogue with “C” or “E” to show which method of measurement applies.

Letter width in this catalogue refers to the average width of one letter, including normal spacing.

Measuring Standard Letters

type faces and letter heights available

Ic – lower case letters