In my opinion, pork tenderloin is one of the most underrated cuts of protein and this recipe is my favorite way to prepare it.


Serves 4-6


  • 2 Tenderloins (about 2-2 ½ pounds)
  • 6 oz Teriyaki Glaze
  • 3 oz crumbled gorgonzola or blue cheese
  • 3 TBS of your favorite dry pork spice or rub
  • 3 TBS of Cajun spice
  • 1 TBS of garlic salt
  • 1/2 TBS of sea salt
  • 1 ½ TBS dry Basil
  • 2 TBS dry oregano
  • 2 TBS sesame oil
  • 2 TBS extra virgin olive oil (evoo)


Mix all dry spices and set aside. Place tenderloins in a rectangle dish. Mix sesame and evoo together and pour over tenderloins. Roll tenderloins in plate until covered in oil mixture. Sprinkle spice mix over tenderloins rolling them in spices until well covered. Let stand for 2 hours if you have time but at least 30 minutes.

When ready light outdoor grill and let it get hot. Lay tenderloins on grill diagonally. Allow meat to sear and form a crust. Turn over and do the same. Brush with teriyaki glaze turning 2 times and adding more glaze. Allow glaze to caramelize on to meat. Meat is ready at 135 degrees internal temperature, let stand for 10 minutes and it will steep to 140 degrees. Pork tenderloin is safe to eat at this temperature, but you can cook to a higher internal temperature if you prefer.
After pork is allowed to stand you can serve by slicing on a bias and topping with crumbled blue cheese.

Finished image shown with grilled red potato slices and red and yellow bell peppers marinated with equal parts of evoo and white wine and salted to taste.

Buon Appetito!