What types of plaques can I get?


Cast plaques are available in both bronze or aluminum alloys. Patterns are pressed into sand and the resulting cavity is filled with molten metal. The castings are finished, producing a plaque with raised satin-polished letters, borders, and dark textured backgrounds.

Precision Tooled

Produced by machining solid bronze or aluminum plates, these are as beautiful as cast plaques, but can be manufactured in less time and and at lower cost. Thinner plaques are also available.


Etched Plaques are available in a variety of metals and thicknesses. The lettering can be either raised and polished with a contrasting color background or recessed with a polished surface and color filled lettering. Etching is ideal for small lettering.


These are produced by printing and sealing highly stable color dyes into flat anodized aluminum. This means you can have four-color images printed onto aluminum that will last up to 10 years for interior applications.


We will engrave on brass, aluminum, and acrylic plates to provide you cost-effective way to identify, recognize and honor individuals. We will engrave individual nameplates, or create recognition displays for annual achievements.


We can create various types of portrait plaques from dimensional bas-relief portrait plaques to low cost metal photo images. We can also furnish full color portraits in alumicolor or sublimated color images.