X-ray Markers are Available in an Array of Colors

Please note that the swatches below are representative of the actual colors; however, screen colors vary by monitor. 

Glitter Color Options

Blue Glitter 800AC

Light Blue Glitter 143

Fluorescent Blue Glitter 163

Tiff Blue Glitter 166

Mint Glitter 132

Sea Foam Green Glitter 160

Green Glitter 131

Fluorescent Green Glitter 162

White Glitter 149

Silver Glitter 126

Dark Grey Glitter 144

Black Glitter 128

Champagne Glitter 167

Rosy Gold Glitter 168

Cinnamon Glitter 145

Gold Glitter 127

Lemon Crush Glitter 804AC

Yellow Sequin 805AC

Dark Amethyst Glitter 147

Grape Sequin 806AC

Purple Glitter 142

Pink Glitter 808AC

Melon Glitter 133

Fluorescent Pink Glitter 161

Coral Glitter 150

Orange Glitter 148

Red Glitter 809AC

Chunky Glitter Color Options

Purple Chunky Glitter 810AC

Chunky Pink Glitter 811AC

Chunky Lt. Pink Glitter 812AC

Chunky Lt. Blue Glitter 813AC

Chunky Black Glitter 814AC

Chunky Yellow Glitter 815AC

Chunky Blue Glitter 816AC

Chunky Red Glitter 817AC

Chunky Orange Glitter 818AC

Chunky Glitter Markers are available in limited styles.
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Metallic Color Options

Bright Red Metallic 1212

Brushed Gold 833AC

Aqua Marine Metallic 819AC

Brushed Silver 820AC

Gold Metallic 091

Silver Metallic 090

Blue Sapphire Metallic 822AC

Blue Sapphire Metallic Flat 823AC

Please Note: With the exception of the brushed gold and silver, all metallic colors are smooth / do not have a texture.

Solid Color Options

White 010

Standard Red 811

Brown 080

Brimstone Yellow 025

Standard Blue 825

Turquoise 066

Azure Blue 033

Colbalt 065

Yellow Green 064

Soft Pink 022

Brilliant Blue 086

Lilac 827AC

Green 042

Red Orange 828AC

Orange 034

Violet 040

Purple 832AC

Grey 071

Burgundy 312

Pink 041

Black 070

Ice Blue 056

Dark Green 060

Lt. Violet 831AC

Graphic Design Options: Mix and Match

8-Bit 834AC

Abstract Colors 835AC

Abstract Swirl 836AC

Black Blue 837AC

Black Gray 838AC

Blue Diamond 839AC

Blue Floral 840AC

Butterflies 841AC

Camo 842AC

Cassettes 843AC

Color Stripes 844AC

Cracked 845AC

Cross Dots 846AC

Diagonal Stripes 847AC

Digi Camo 902AC

Dinos 903AC

Distorted Ink 848AC

Donuts 904AC

Dot Texture 849AC

Flat Stars 850AC

Floral 2 851AC

Geometric Grunge 852AC

Ghosts 853AC

Giraffe 854AC

Green Puppy 855AC

Grunge Splatter 856AC

Gummi Bears 905AC

Halloween 857AC

Holocircle 858AC

Leaves 859AC

Left Side Skull 860AC

Leopard Teal 861AC

Lightning 862AC

Mem Flag 863AC

Memphis 864AC

Moonstars 865AC

Muddy Paws 906AC

Optical Illusion 866AC

Pink Hearts 867AC

Pink Skull Bones 868AC

Plaid 869AC

Psychadelic 870AC

Purple Gold 871AC

Purple Paisley 872AC

Rainbow Splatter 873AC

Retro Chevron 874AC

Right Side Skull 875AC

Rock Paper 876AC

Skull Bones 877AC

Smileys 878AC

Terrazzo 879AC

Teal Dots 880AC

Tie Dye 881AC

Tiger 882AC

Triangles 907AC

Tropical Leaves 908AC

Unicorns 909AC

Wood Grain 910AC

Zebra 883AC

Graphic Design Options: Holidays

Red Snowflakes 884AC

Christmas Pattern 885AC

Kwanzaa Menorah 886AC

Kwanzaa Pattern 887AC

Hanukkah Menorah 888AC

Hanukkah Stripes 889AC

Easter Pattern 890AC

Easter Stripes 891AC

Shamrocks 892AC

Irish Stripes 893AC

Hearts 894AC


Bats 896AC

Spiderweb 897AC

Stars and Stripes 898AC

Fireworks 899AC

Pumpkin 900AC

Autumn Leaves 901AC

Graphic Design Options: Left & Right Pairs

Skull P-100AC

Skull USA P-101AC

Skull Flames P-102AC

Blue Butterfly P-103AC

Pink Butterfly P-104AC

Daisy P-105AC

Zombie P-106AC

Lion P-107AC

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