AC Wellman – The World’s Largest Supplier of X-ray Markers

AC Wellman is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of X-ray markers for the radiology industry.
AC Wellman’s wide variety of X-ray markers makes it easy to clearly and permanently identify radiographs. We carry hundreds of standard marker options, and we produce custom markers to fill specific requests. We’re known for top-notch customer service and the fastest turnaround time available. Contact us to become a dealer or to find a dealer near you.

AC Wellman is a Licensed Medical Device Facility (Registration Number 1528078) under the Office of Product Evaluation and Quality for the Center for Device and Radiological Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


We use state-of-the-art technologies and processes to product the highest quality markers in the industry


From custom designs to a large selection of shapes & sizes, we have the markers & ancillary products you need


When you work with AC Wellman, you can expect exceptional service from a knowledgeable rep who is easy to work with

X-ray Markers + Medical Products

When it comes to radiology markers and letters, we are the largest supplier and have become the industry standard. We offer six main types of radiology markers:

Unmounted Lead Letters – Offered in a variety of sizes and styles, these X-ray markers are the most economical means of positive X-ray identification.

Mounted Lead Letters – These letters and words are able to be mounted on aluminum, copper, or clear, white or black vinyl plastic, and are a more convenient method of X-ray identification.

Polycarbonate Markers – By using durable red and green polycarbonate plastic, we custom engrave initials, numbers, or mammography views into the surface and then fill with a radiopaque epoxy.

Mark-Clear Markers – Solid lead letters are enclosed in a laminated acrylic plastic and a durable vinyl or aluminum backing which leads to this product being our highest-quality X-ray marker.

Enclosed Markers – With these radiology markers, we enclose lead letters between folded aluminum and clear plastic covers to ensure durability.

Embedded Markers – Totally encased in a crystal-clear embedment plastic, these markers are available with an aluminum or a tough polycarbonate background.

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